In its latest sweep of renovations and remodels, Caesars Entertainment has redone Harrah’s Las Vegas‘ Carnaval Tower into the new and much needed Valley Tower. As of writing this post in July 2017, it seems the South half of the tower’s renovation is complete with blocks of the other half being done in intervals. I was informed at check in that they hope to finish it by years end. In a much needed refresh, the Valley Tower boasts updated furnishings, amenities and decor compared to its former outdated self. I was able to check out a Harrah’s Valley Tower Queen Suite a few weeks back.


Harrah's Valley Tower Queen Suite

Living Room with couch, coffee table and dining table


Some family members decided to visit Vegas (because who doesn’t want to visit the desert in 110+ degree heat) and Harrah’s Las Vegas was the most economical place to put them up for their visit. I had reserved them a Queen room in the Valley Tower but was upgraded at check in to theĀ Executive Queen Suite! I love that a queen suite is even an option to begin with. Many suites in Las Vegas have just one king bed which isn’t very conducive if you’re traveling with friends or a larger group of people.


Television console in the living room


The rooms in the Valley Tower are a wonderful step up from what Harrah’s Las Vegas offered prior to this refresh. I left impressed and would not think twice about staying again. The color scheme seems to be neutral/beige with splashes of purple to align the with Mardi Gras theme the hotel carries. The floor’s carpet/elevators also got a nice face lift and are in line with the design that the new hotel rooms have.



The living room is a nice size that includes a flat screen television, large couch, coffee table as well as a four seater dining table. The living room is wooden panel flooring while the bedroom retains carpet flooring. Our suite had a view of theĀ High Roller while I’m sure there are other suites that may offer a view of the Strip.


View from the living room window. Hello, High Roller!


The bedroom features two queen beds as well as another television. There is also a small seating area and side table next to the window as well as a single closet to hang clothes/coats/etc. Pretty standard amenities for a hotel bedroom. Nothing too crazy.



I am sort of digging the whole Tetris-style wall design that they used for the bedroom wall. The same design element is also used in the wall immediately behind the dining table in the living room. Nothing too crazy and over the top.


Now, my favorite part of the entire room is definitely the bathroom. Boy, I was impressed when I stepped foot in the suite’s bathroom. A nice surprise!



Very nicely appointed and designed, the bathrooms for Harrah’s Valley Tower Queen Suite are definitely a treat. I mean, I could soak in that tub for days (especially in this desert summer heat). And the glass shower walls are sporting that Tetris design again ever so subtly. The bathroom has two sets of sinks/vanities so you can spread out and hog all of the counter space that you want.


Overall, I think that the Valley Tower at Harrah’s Las Vegas is quite an improvement from their old product and a great new look that I would not normally imagine when I think of Harrah’s. This suite is perfect for those traveling with a few extra people that want the extra space that a living room affords. And that bathroom alone may be worth the upgrade for some people! I was surprised and impressed. I normally would not think a property like Harrah’s (which is normally on the lower/mid end of the Strip hotels in my eyes) would have rooms that look like this one.